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We approached Susie when we were

We approached Susie when we were about to break up as we felt stuck and unable to overcome our past.  In just six sessions, Susie moved us away from imminent crisis, by creating a safe space where we could open up and not feel judged by previous choices.  We found that, after each session, we were able to continue communicating in a positive way, making progress between sessions, as well as during.  Susie helped us build foundations and through her, we have learnt a lot about each other.  On a personal level, we found Susie warm, non-judgemental, open and engaging.

We decided to try Couples Counselling as a last

We decided to try Couples Counselling as a last attempt to salvage our marriage as we had become strangers living in the same house.  Through talking, being honest and understanding what had gone wrong we are a happy, connected couple again.   Susie had great insight and was able to really see beneath the surface.  She enabled us to get to the root of our problems in a way that we would never have been able to on our own.

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