Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

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  • Are you and your partner constantly bickering or arguing without resolving anything?
  • Perhaps you have stopped communicating and have started to live separate lives?
  • Is there a lack of trust or perhaps you are struggling with intimacy?
  • Maybe you have started to hide things from each other?

Couples Therapy

While all relationships can sometimes suffer under the pressures of everyday life, ongoing and unaddressed issues can leave you feeling exhausted, depressed, anxious and suffering with low self-esteem.

Do you feel your relationship is at breaking point?

Our closest relationships can provide us with some of life’s greatest happiness and satisfaction…… until they start to break down.

In Couples Therapy, our aim is to help you to share your feelings and concerns openly, to understand one another better and to get to the heart of your conflicts.

Building a stronger, more connected relationship

By identifying our patterns of behaviour and ways of communicating we can take responsibility for our choices.

Couples Therapy enables you to grow in understanding yourself and your partner.  It gives you the space to develop the way you communicate as a couple in order to resolve conflict and to build a stronger, more deeply connected relationship.

Couples Therapy Testimonials


We approached Susie when we were

We approached Susie when we were about to break up as we felt stuck and unable to overcome our past.  In just six sessions, Susie moved us away from imminent crisis, by creating a safe space where we could open up and not feel judged by previous choices.  We found that, after each session, we were able to continue communicating in a positive way, making progress between sessions, as well as during.  Susie helped us build foundations and through her, we have learnt a lot about each other.  On a personal level, we found Susie warm, non-judgemental, open and engaging.

We decided to try Couples Counselling as a last

We decided to try Couples Counselling as a last attempt to salvage our marriage as we had become strangers living in the same house.  Through talking, being honest and understanding what had gone wrong we are a happy, connected couple again.   Susie had great insight and was able to really see beneath the surface.  She enabled us to get to the root of our problems in a way that we would never have been able to on our own.

We have been seeing Susie for just over a year

We have been seeing Susie for just over a year for Couples Counselling and we cannot recommend her highly enough.  She is warm, empathic and incredibly easy to talk to.  We first started seeing her when our relationship was in a pretty terrible place and now, after only a year, we understand each other so much better, communicate more effectively and have progressed so much as a couple.  Susie has managed to get us to a place where we have just bought our own home, got engaged and are planning our wedding!  Susie has an ability to make you feel relaxed and able to talk about anything and everything, no matter how uncomfortable the issue and she always listens intently and without judgement.  She is, without doubt, an amazing and incredibly knowledgeable counsellor.

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